UCC Article 9 Foreclosure Sales

Foreclosure sales represent an alternative to bankruptcy, and all parties need to be competently represented to ensure they are effectuated correctly.

UCC Article 9 Foreclosure Sales

At WGH, we possess unrivaled experience supplying debtors and creditors with tailored, strategic solutions for UCC Article 9 foreclosure sales.

For creditors, it can be difficult to understand your rights under UCC Article 9. If a debtor has defaulted and you want to foreclose on collateral-securing debt and equity interests, we can help you navigate this complicated process and recover the assets or funds you deserve.

More importantly, as a creditor, you must proceed in a “commercially reasonable” manner or you jeopardize your chances at success. What is “commercially reasonable” can be vague and bogged down in legal jargon, but our team has the track record and knowledge to ensure you are always conducting yourself in a way that is “commercially reasonable.”

Moreover, our lawyers can help establish you in a position of priority over other creditors with a claim on the same collateral. We utilize public records, a defining trait of Article 9, and other resources to identify and understand all interested parties.

Still, the UCC is not federal law; it is a national legal framework. State regulations often vary, meaning disputes become exponentially more complicated when they cross state lines. To further complicate things, you must issue a ‘reasonable notice’ of sale per your state and prove that this is a legal recourse. We offer expert legal counsel that can help with both.

What Our Clients Say

Whether you are a debtor who feels like a UCC-9 foreclosure sale is unreasonable or a creditor who needs help navigating this complex process, our team of attorneys can help.