Out-of-Court Workouts

In-court restructuring of debts and assets and improvement in profitability.

Out-of-Court Workouts

If you are facing bankruptcy or another kind of court contest but want to avoid filing, it can be challenging to understand your options.

Generally, out-of-court workouts are cheaper, easier, and faster than pursuing litigation. Out-of-court workout restructuring plans are ideal if:

  • The debtor business has good relationships with past creditors
  • The debtor business has few creditors to negotiate with
  • The debtor business’s organization and debt structuring are straightforward
  • No individual creditor is overtly hostile or aggressive

At WGH, we possess unparalleled expertise in bankruptcy, insolvency law, and commercial litigation matters, so we can mediate and devise a legal and business strategy to circumnavigate filing for bankruptcy and maneuver through this complex landscape.

Seeking the counsel of one of the top law firms is imperative to avoid devastating obstacles and miscalculations. Our expert team of lawyers can help you restructure your debts without involving the courts by negotiating with creditors.

We understand the implications this has for you and your business, and we always operate with both your personal and company interests in mind. We take the time to understand each client’s unique needs to provide tailored strategies that achieve the optimal out-of-court outcome.

Out-of-court workouts can:

  • Avoid costs of Chapter 11 cases for the debtor and creditor
  • Give the debtor and creditor more control over the disposition of the debtor’s assets
  • Avoid the stigma that comes with filing for bankruptcy
  • Provide an opportunity to pre-negotiate terms of an anticipated Chapter 11 filing
  • Provide more privacy

What Our Clients Say

Out-of-court workouts can put you back on track toward financial stability. To determine whether this is a feasible solution for your situation, contact us. We are here for you, both in and out of court.