Chapter 11 Bankruptcy & Reorganization

In-court restructuring of debts and assets and improvement in profitability.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy & Reorganization

At Winthrop Golubow Hollander, LLP, we possess specialized expertise to reduce, if not eliminate, financial stress through a reorganization or sale in Chapter 11.

The law is a means to accomplish each client’s business and personal goals during a difficult time. Chapter 11s can be complicated, and a successful restructuring requires nimbleness and creativity. Our team’s exclusive focus and expertise in finance and reorganizations leads to consistently extraordinary results.

Bankruptcy is a powerful business strategy, and when appropriate, it is critical to work with one of the top bankruptcy boutique law firms in California. Our team is composed of legal experts with unrivaled business savvy and knowledge of the nuances and complexities of bankruptcy law.

We are a law firm you can trust to exhaust every possible resource and expertly handle complex bankruptcy and insolvency issues. We understand clients’ business goals and the economics driving and resulting from the implementation of legal strategies. Consequently, we always practice with economic prudence, considering, for example, realistic risks and contingencies.

WGH works closely with clients to devise customized legal strategies and solutions, both in and out of court, for complex bankruptcy, insolvency, and business reorganization matters.

Our team has been dedicated to representing corporate debtors in Chapter 11 for decades.

As the foremost legal authorities in insolvency and Chapter 11 bankruptcy, we provide a range of services to mid-sized businesses and high-net-worth individuals, including: 

  • Collecting all pertinent facts regarding your Chapter 11 reorganization case
  • Creating a repayment plan tailored to your company
  • Devising an effective legal strategy 
  • Reviewing what you can expect regarding real estate or property you owe to debtors

What Our Clients Say

If you are worried about staying afloat during this trying time, our restorative legal solutions can help you weather the storm and emerge with newfound financial health. Contact us to learn more.